Hitting the nail on the head in Australia!

There are times when I am incensed by what others say about the clergy abuse issues, the pussy footing around, the trivialising of it and the naivete. Then there are times when another survivor seems to get into my head and say exactly what I am thinking!!

One such person is my friend John B from Australia, he is working tirelessly and for me always hits the nail right on the head! here is what he has written to the “Royal Commission” going on at present in Australia, I am just copying his words because I couldn’t put it better! (Love to you all in Australia!) Sue X


The Royal Commission

Should the Royal Commission investigate the psychological blackmail used against children as a part of the grooming processes leading to sexual and other abuses of children by the religions and their clergy?

The control of the minds of children via the process of threatening with an insurmountable range of lies and deceit is psychological blackmail and child abuse of the worst possible kind.

Controlling the minds of children with fear through threatening them with an eternity in hell as well as total rejection by their entire community and neighbourhood strips away any vestige of personality, dignity and self respect from a child and leaves them in a perpetual state of shock and/or trauma held in permanent place through a perpetual life threat for the rest of their existence. There are no words to describe the horror of this reality; there can only be words of condemnation and rejection on every conceivable moral and ethical ground .

To inflict a child with a trauma that is unresolvable, perpetual and irrevocable for the rest of that persons life unless they comply with the requirements of what we now know and clearly see as an hierarchy with no verifiable evidence for their many claims as deluded, fake and dangerous people willing to engage to the last in a fantasy gone ethically sour and morally toxic a long time ago.

The Catholic and Christian fantasy is a childhood horror story filled with thousands of stories of monstrous crimes over generations towards children.

Crimes that include kidnapping, International trafficking and the sale of children, genocide and political manipulation of entire countries. The psychological torture of entire generations of children to feed the obsessions, vanity and the pockets of morally, ethically and psychologically failed men on every level of humanity at the most basic level of child rearing and causing no harm to others.

Their claim to have control of millions of children’s minds is real and yet our governments can see no harm in a culture that is infested with psychologically dubious and damaging fantasies played out on innocent children who can be engaged into committing the most horrendous and devious crimes to defend a claimed good name in the community.

If this fantasy is not brought to and end then the only real chance for many, many years children will have of experiencing a childhood that ensures never again becomes real will become as much a myth as the god that was used against them as children to blackmail and groom them to meet the sexual gratification of their religious and clergy.

I ask the Royal Commission for an issue paper into the psychological effects on children of the ploys, means and methods used to manipulate, control and silence children as was done to so many. If we do not gain a full knowledge of that from this inquiry then we will have failed not once but twice in the most egregious of ways to protect the children of the future.




Sue Cox 

Survivors Voice Europe




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