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Traumasexuality concerns the lives of men who were sexually abused as boys. Everyone finds sexual abuse very upsetting. However, if you ask the question what makes it so bad, very few people can say anything sensible about it. Once you have read this book, you will be an expert in this subject. You will acquire new insights and have a precies vocabulary for naming the details.

In these times everyone knows you can contract lung cancer from smoking. But in the past , we did not know that, and smoking was cool. My intention, through this book, is that everyone learns that you suffer mental paralysis as a result of sexual abuse. These terms provide a new perspective on the damage caused by sexual abuse.

Men who have been sexually abused, only see when they reflect on their lives, how the abuse has determined every facet of it. This book provides a detailed answer to what happens to a boy at the moment he is sexually abused by an adult. In just a matter of seconds he is dealt a whole range of shocks.

Read about the influence that this moment has on the rest of their lives. How the sexual imprint of the perpetrator can be seen in Traumasexuality and the paralytic power of the perpetrator in the Mental Paralysis. As a partner you sometimes do not realise that with a sexually abused man you have entered a triangular relationship with him and his perpetrator. You dan do a lot as a a partner. But read here what you must avoid doing.

Processing sexual abuse is possible. This is hopeful, but it demands a lot of work. The entire process is explained here with all the obstacles you may encounter. You have to banish the perpetrator’s control, otherwise you will carry a trauma with you an entire life, that is sexually attractive.”

Peter John Schouten

Peter John Schouten (Sydney, 1953) is a Psychodrama Therapist and a Psychotherapist (European Registered). He has worked for thirty years as a counsellor with the target group men sexually abused, in individual sessions, group therapy and workshops.

His own sexual abuse at a very early age and the enormous amount of information from all the men who shared their accounts in his practice have resulted in in-depth knowledge and many new insights into the sexual abuse of boys.

With this book he introduces new boundaries and terms that could result in the earlier recognition of sexual abuse in boys and men. A sensible approach, recognition of the damage and expert help for this target group would benefit society as a whole.

The book is available through University of Chicago Press and Amazon.

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