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Announcement – 2nd Annual Survivors of Catholic Clergy Abuse day
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Posters – 2nd Annual Survivors of Catholic Clergy Abuse Day
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Flyer Training course: Brains, bombs & baddies
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  1. Why doesn’t the UN bring reports and proofs to the US Supreme court so the US can finally become involved in sexual abuse instead of money.
    The incestuous Catholic Church and R.A.I.I.N have a lot in common. Couldn’t and R.A.I.I.N. help the UN file charges against the educational departments of countries all over the world that have damaged by the catholic church?
    Define: mandated reporting, incest, rape and sexual assault…
    Why is our educational system always in crisis in the US and why can’t we accept the fact that the False Memory Syndrome Foundation has been financing the Catholic Church for a long, long time. Their money is destroying human potential and economies.
    They will run out of money too.

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