Survivors Voice Travel Fund

Below you find the project objectives from the project proposal. For the full documentation, please download the PDF version of the document: Project Proposal – Survivors Voice Travel Fund v1


To create a travel fund for just those people who otherwise could only perhaps dream of being present at our events. The coach fare from Verona to Rome, the train fare from Scotland to London, maybe an overnight stay.

These are not “holidays” these are powerful therapeutic encounters which are enabling us to strengthen our bonds and fight our demons.
We often come from isolated communities, which is why we were easy prey to these criminal predators, the catholic church has always relied upon keeping survivors “isolated”, unable to communicate with each other. We gain strength from each other and that the world knows the truth about their crimes.

Help us gather more strength, increase our family, making the world accessible and to become a force to be reckoned with in the fight for survival against all odds.

Maybe you also have ideas, projects that will make a difference, activities that will brighten up the lives of Survivors? Share them with us, fill out the form below and we will come back to you. If you like to give your comment on this project initiative, you can also leave a reaction below.
Thank you for your attention!
Sue Cox & Ton Leerschool

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  1. I am learning how to navigate online. I’ve got a learning disability that I’m working hard to overcome. It’s just thatI want this church to die. All of my family is still being abused by this church. When my mother died, we gave the church 10,000.00 in her name. My father was a wealthy catholic business who was robbed by the church his entire life. I am one of 12 children. Two children were never recorded on any documents. We were respected in our town. The Shea’s, the Sirranni’s, the Spallese’s, the Marrick’s, the Thorton’s, the Derourin’s… all of the Catholic families in this city knew what the Catholic Church was doing and felt it was ok. The priest that Baptised my sister Michele, named her Mona on her birth certificate. My father had to pay to have it changed to Michele, the name he wanted. Monsigner Brady of St. Patrick’s Church in Eau Claire had a brother who was a priest in the Vatican. So he, the Wilcox family, the Walter family, the police force, the Eau Claire Leader Telegram Newspaper ( my father took photographs for), the Fisher family, Dave Malone, then Chief of Detectives (was my brother Frank’s best friend) … everything in that city is wired Catholic. My two newphews are International drug dealers. Jonathon is a Magadance and was caught and let go. My other newphew is living in one of my brother-in-laws homes dealing drugs with Robert Skinner’s military connections. Joshua staged a breakin at my sisters house. The Eau Claire police told him not go to taverns for a year. My sister Michele, was a Senior Anchor at Weau 13 in Eau Claire. She is now getting drunk and being raped by her hushband in public places.
    And the true incestous, Catholic Church never endorses or produces this. The Catholic Church is Crimminal. There will never be enough money in the world to pay for the damage they have done.

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