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Survivors Voice Europe is a charitable organization. We don’t actively seek donations, because we like to remain independent and close to our hearts. At the same time we feel that the persons we represent do not deserve charity, but justice for what has happend to them when young. We want to make that happen for them…

In order to generate income we sell products, services or projects. All revenue generated is used to help survivors worldwide regain their voice. Help us say “Enough!”


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  2. Hello Information Provider, I would to volunteer my time and energies at Survivers Voice. I was raped by Father Ron Straub in Eau Claire, WIS during highschool. Two of my sisters and myself were sexualy assaulted by a known parish rapiest in the city. I was also incested in my staunch, Catholic family 0f 12 for 15 years.

    I will send you my resume for you to review. And I would working to change international laws that harm sexual abuse survivorsherapists in the world. Her husband (now not alive),and Noel founded the Department of Human Sexuallity at the Universitity of Minnesota.For over 8 years I’ve particiated in group and been an individual client.

    I would like to form an artist iniative and the foundation for incest recovery. Incest seem to be where sexual mifunction begins… I an recieving disability and have time to finally get involved to make a posititve difference. I have a still get very sick with PTSD at times, but I have a lot to give. In a chronic alcohlic, I have over 32 years of soberity. Thank you for your time and efforts, Marcene Magadance 2455 Londin Lane E Condo 217 Maplewood, MN 55119-5595 (651) 698-3771 Land line

  3. Marcene Joan Magadance

    I would like to apolgize for the jumbled grammar in the letter I sent. At times, my brain chemistry gets ignited and is not calm. I want to help and do as much as I can for myself and others but I don’t quite know how do that. I am surely not great on a computer but I excel in personal interactions and have 9 years of therapy with these issues. I am a great support to friends who are also getting well. I will send you my resume. . . sorry I haven’t done that already. I’ve dealt with some horrendous family history and I am finally at peace with it. But I still have rage and terror about being raped and sexually assaulted by catholic employees (prients and nuns). I need more knowledge and support to keep moving through it. I stop because I am Exhausted, then I catch my breathe and dissociate… slowly moving back to life and to continue. I don’t understand the VOFT Conference in Sept at Boston . . . but I am going to try and go. It’s extremely exspensive so I hope to get some financial help. None of my friends or anyone I know in this area of the states has been raped in the catholic church. I miss having some to share intimate details with. And attorney, Jeff Anderson is still a “mini-God” in this area… I am sorry to end this letter erruptly but I’ve got to sign off and divert my attention elsewhere. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Marcene Magadance 2455 Londin Lane E Condo 217 Maplewood, MN 55119 (651)698-3771

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