Get Involved!

Now that you know a bit more about us, maybe you want to explore what YOU could do to support our efforts… therefore: Get Involved!

You don’t need to be a massive conglomerate, a business leader, a millionaire, someone with loads of time on their hands – anyone (seriously!) ANYONE can get involved and we have created a number of ways that anyone can help support and encourage Survivors across Europe.


TALK – If you are an individual that has benefited from some of the tools and tips or have been to any of the events, please post something, tell us about it so that others can hear how you got on – every post is another voice adding to the throng.

BEFRIEND – when you befriend with us, you show your support not only to us but also to all those Survivors who feel supported or represented by us. Also, the more people that befriend us, the more that we are encouraged to keep doing what we do and to keep going – click on this link to be taken to the friends page

PROJECTS – we have a number of targeted projects that are aimed at ongoing empowerment of survivors – these include respite, travel, learning etc. For more information about the projects and for targeted support in any form, please click on the following link

PROFESSIONALS – if you are a fully qualified therapist, healthcare or legal professional and would like to join an authentic database of providers who are able to offer Survivors of abuse reduced or pro bono rates, please email us to find out about the criteria for joining – if we can identify like-minded, authentic, powerful professionals to help Survivors through their processes – well, then more people will be stronger and our voice will be louder!

INVITE US TO SPEAK -We are very happy to come and talk to your groups or colleges etc.We are delighted to tell you about our members and their bravery! We have some brilliant  enlightening talks!

LEARN – Learn about the real effects of childhood abuse. Join our workshop “Winning the battle of the abused brain” and further your underssanding. Individuals of any kind can benefit from this greater knowlege, but survivors and professionals in the field will particularly  benefit.

GIVE – If you feel you would really like to help, but can ONLY do so financially, then of course we wouldn’t dream of dismissing such kindness.So you can  donate something to Survivors Voice  by clicking here (But we would ask that you PLEASE read our comments about donations beforehand!)

NOMINATE – If you are entering names of individuals or organisations for  recognition, think of Survivors Voice Europe! It will give us the opportunity to tell even more people of our mission.

Survivors Voice Europe - Enough!

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