Often when we have been abused, a common legacy for we survivors is an overwhelming sense of unworthiness.

How often have you  thought that you don’t deserve love or attention, felt lower than a snakes belly in the grass, unable to make sense of what as happened to you and why. Presuming that some defect in you has caused these horrors, feeling guilty and alone.

Today, As you find your survivors voice, your first gift to yourself MUST  be to know that you are amazing!

You are a child of the Universe,no less than the trees and the stars and you have a right to be here.
You are made of stardust! You are unique!  An absolute “one off”!

There has never been anyone like you on the planet before, and there never will be again.
As a human being you are the result of the rarest of possibilities, and as asurvivor of the worst betrayal of body and trust, you are truly awesome!

Like the minors trapped beneath the earth for months, like someone coming back from the wreck of the Titanic, or  coming back from death,  Your survival , and your recovery is something to be celebrated and rejoiced in!

Your journey back to wholeness may have  just begun.
It may be that you are only just emerging from your nightmare, or perhaps it  happened  a long time ago but still haunts you, but the fact is that you are here, NOW, alive, and along with other compassionate beings you can at last have hope and seek happiness.

The beginning of your recovery is today, you are here and it is NOW!
Here in these pages we want to focus just on you.

You are NOT alone any longer, and as you emerge from isolation into connectedness, you are going to find a new world awaiting you, full of brave wonderful survivors, who want to share their stories, strength and hope with you.

Recovery is a growing thing, a process rather than an event, and like all things growing it will take time and gentle nurturing. Rather than pulling at a tiny shoot to stretch it and make it grow, which may kill it, perhaps it is wiser to tend the soil around it, water and fertilise its roots making it more possible to grow tall and strong and independent!

Our Survivors Tree of recovery is growing stronger daily, our pain transformed like fertilizer to grow a beautiful forest, and each one of us in an essential integrated part of that growth.

We want more than anything for you to be able to take back your power, become the human being you were intended to be,and to heal the wounds that were so cruelly inflicted upon you. We also want you to be part of our whole, of this beautiful forest of new lives, all thriving and flourishing in the sunshine. Start today exploring your own healing tree…

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