An Introduction to ‘The Battle of the Abused Brain’ – the Course – a personal view by Sue Cox

I have been a healthcare practitioner for a very long time, and have learned many things, and am still learning! I am a Traditional Acupuncturist, (not the “hocus pocus” kind, but very firmly rooted in scientific evidence based practice!) I am also a qualified counsellor. The last twenty years I have been the head of a large teaching organisation SMART UK which teaches the neuroscience of addiction, and a formulae Acupuncture treatment to help with both substance misuse and mental health issues.

We have taught 12,500 healthcare practitioners, doctors, nurses, counsellors, and designated prison officers. We have our programme in 124 UK prisons, as well as many National Health Service treatment settings, Mental Health Units, and drug and alcohol organisations both in Europe and America. More recently, we have taught the military mental health services.
We Have become the World’s leading teaching organisation in this field. Our book “Auricular Acupuncture and Addiction” is the first in the World to give the scientific explanation of Acupuncture, and the current neuroscience understanding of it’s effects on the brain.

Along with me are three other teachers, all with different backgrounds and all who bring a specific flavour to our teaching and our course content:
Dr. Kim Wager, co-founder of SMART UK, is a PHD Neuroscientist with a speciality in neurodegeneration. He also has a degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine, but is primarily a scientist, having taught bio-medical sciences at University.
Wing Commander Dr. Krish Rawal, who is a medical doctor serving with the armed forces. He is also a qualified medical Acupuncturist, and clinical hypnotherapist. His interest is within PTSD.
Louise Rooney MBACP AIP, who is a qualified teacher and psychotherapist working across a wide spectrum of mental health issues but is a specialist in the field of childhood sexual abuse and working with survivors in later life.

During the time I have been studying and teaching, I have learned far more than I could have hoped for, both from my own work, and that of my colleagues. Teaching the effects of trauma on the brain, has revealed so many echoes of childhood sexual abuse, another cause very close to my heart. As a clergy abuse survivor myself, and co-founder of Survivors Voice Europe, I am driven by the desire to make a difference to survivors of this trauma Worldwide.
Each one of us has specific skills, this one is mine.

And so, along with the help and expertise of my colleagues in SMART UK we have devised a new two day course “The Battle of the Abused Brain” for anyone who works with abuse Survivors and would like to know more about the damage to a person’s brain because of those traumas. It is suitable for anyone with an interest in this area; lawyers, counsellors, healthcare workers, criminal justice workers, family and affected others, educators, policy-makers etc.

This course is dynamic, informative and importantly crammed with current, up-to-the minute neuroscientific understanding of the damage that this kind of trauma causes to the human being BUT it also looks at what can be done and what will help restore a persons potential.

This is my personal contribution to the care of survivors, and part of the money earned from these professional courses will help fund Survivors Voice projects. As SURVIVORS rather than VICTIMS we are great believers in using our own skills to raise the much needed funds and at the same time helping others to to recover
Please do get in touch if you would like to know more.

Sue Cox BSc.Lic Ac.M.B.Ac.C

We run this workshop across the world –  for more information about forthcoming training in your area contact us:-

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