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  1. in the US was started by an attorney to grow his profits. The mental health system and courts are powered by some very wealthy Catholics in the midwest who just want peace and quiet.
    No detailed information was shared about the recent UN Council in any form of media here. Church rape cases and transgendering operations at the U of MN are big business in Minnesota. And the False Memory Syndrome Foundation is always over-looked as the cause of incredible catholic corruption.
    The great, incestuous Catholic Church has taught incest and sexual abuse to it’s members for a long, long time. By denials of their of participation, they force others to believe that it doesn’t exist.
    I was incested at home for along time by brothers .But they saw priests sexually children and knew that priests were having affairs with maried women and stalking others. Monsignors ordered catholic doctors to perform abortions when they were needed and every law in the city was broken by the Catholic Church.
    If and worked together we would finally have the strenght and power to have justice come to all of us. And the truth is, African American
    citizens have been incested and raped their entire lives. We will never know what this secret is costing us.

    None of us will evaporate if we say these words to each other and demand attention.
    Reports and proofs of economies that have been destroyed, financial devastation to governments, and human potential that has been disabled need to be presented to the United States Supreme Court by the UN Council.
    With new strenght and energy we could support the UN in filing charges against Departments of Education all over the globe.
    Nuns were not mandated reporters. School grades were false. Students were groomed for rapes and not educated because they were bad. “City Father’s” ran entire cities according to their profit margins. Wealthy catholics cover-up their crimes for a piece
    of private justice. Because of this church, you try and define rape or incest. What and who legally mandates an offical to take any action against incest. Do you know the medical term of the learning disability this church causes in healthy, normal children.

    If we don’t begin to trace this crime to it’s orgins we will all run out of money. Taxpayers, voters and citizens are ready for the eduction they have not received. No other choices are left.
    Marcene Magadance

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