Watch Them Wriggle & Squirm

The United Nations’ Committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC), monitoring the compliance of countries of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, sent a list of issues to the Vatican.
Here you can read the unedited version: Holy See_List of Issues_CRC

Publication of the list of issues and the answers by the Vatican are public – for anyone to see – and we will publish them when received by the CRC.

Watch Them Wriggle and Squirm
It will be interesting to watch them squirm to get safely out of this (for them) treacherous procedure! The CRC is a serious committee of a serious organisation: the United Nations. We have wondered for a long time why  the Holy See  are even a member of the United Nations, but now we see the mood within the UN is becoming more and more against them,  as the members of CRC express their concerns about the way the Vatican handles the massive worldwide child abuse by their own employees.

Precise questions require precise answers which is something the Vatican does not appreciate at all…
This time their evading, general statements will not work because  we of Survivors Voice Europe – as part of the advisory expert team for the CRC – will be upon them, weighing every word against the reality thousands of Survivors live through…. day after day…

Evading Tactics: An Example
The PR machine at the Vatican is coming up to speed, but tricks like this: article published in The Daily Beast will no longer work.

As always the Vatican shifts  conveniently between being a civil state – Vatican City – and religious centre for catholics around the world.

The citizens of Vatican City – approx. 800 – had  now better be careful when ordering child prostitutes or when watching child pornography on the premises. To show his “good will” their boss may slaughter a couple of them to prove how serious he is about it…

Interesting thought: You make a law, because there is a reason for it…
So the pope is aware of “…child sex abuse, possession of child pornography, and child prostitution on Vatican grounds by Vatican staff…”. Why else would you make a law like that ?
Yes I know:  To simply state that these things don’t happen in the Vatican does not work anymore, because nobody would believe it.

The fact is that worldwide employees and employers of the catholic church do not abide by international law and abusers get away with murder… literally, sometimes.

Another fact is that the catholic church will try to show their good intentions for the future, while at the same time continuing to ignore the effects of the crimes committed in the past.

For all those who can not directly talk to the CRC we say: ENOUGH !

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