The climate for “dialogue”

Asked yet again about this business about why we won’t get into “dialogue” with  the churchThis particular  radio presenter thought it would perhaps “now be the right climate”!

Well here’s the thing !

 What possible reason would  survivors who have been fighting for their entire lives , accept very patronising invitations to “parle” from this  criminal organisation?   And only now  when  they are getting more cornered, like rats in a trap  and suddenly feel it might be “the right climate”!

 I cannot re-iterate enough it seems, that we do NOT believe the church can play ANY part in survivor’s  recovery.

 We have spent a lot of time getting better, trying to find a place in a world which we no longer feel part of , working very hard not to allow the poison of this church to damage us further, to stop their toxins passing on to our families and friends through our own bitterness.

 We have watched with horror how they manipulate and evade, how they lie and even threaten.

We  may have all been a bit naive at some point in our early “coming out”, some of us began by believing there was some kind of reconciliation possible, some way of sharing the healing for others, even when our own beliefs no longer included their indoctrination.

 But there is absolutely no chance that we will do this again!  We want nothing at all to do with them!

Why  would anyone  choose to be abused again and again!

Having broken free of the shackles of indoctrination and shame and guilt, why on Earth would we even contemplate being contaminated further by them!

 If we were to spend any time in “dialogue” with these creeps, it would be to fight them, swear and curse at them, scream abuse at them  and  find some way to bring them down!

 My dignity has been very hard won, I have no desire to lose it to this narcissistic regime.

Even a long  life only consists  of  about 450,000 hours!

Considering that I have had about  three quarters of mine already,  and the church has destroyed well over two thirds of them. And considering that I will probably sleep for a third of what is left, I have no desire to spend any more of my precious time on these hypocrites!

 I have no appetite for their obsequious apologies, or the carrots they dangle in front of people, or the way they insidiously creep  back into vulnerable peoples minds.

 Our  precious time is far better spent in the company and care of the real heroes of this tragedy the SURVIVORS!

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