The Circus is in Town!

Well the vatican circus trundles on, I am told that they are already selling pope dolls in New York (made in China of course!) ready for his expected roadshow in September.(Perhaps we should buy some pins)?

If anyone in that city wants any ideas about real antidotes to that particular medicine show, let us remember how we dealt with it in London in 2010! One of my  proudest moments I would say!

And while we are on the  subject of “sick making” antics, I am also told that one “national”  victim groups here  have been trawling abuse lawyers to pay for adverts on their website. You know the one where victims go for help? 

In our opinion, this  is at best distasteful and at worst is exploitative. But then it IS all about money! 

The same group that has no qualms about accepting money from the vatican,ostensibly to help survivors, while touting the idea that the pontiff is not the narcissistic tyrant with a smily face, but really a cuddly fluffy pussy cat. (perhaps HE should take out an advert!) We are not surprised by it but we are still sickened.

It is the very worst kind of incestuous  behaviour, and If any survivor ever asks me for a lawyer recommendation, I, for one, will make sure that I do not recommend one of those. 

I will always discourage any survivor from using anything other than the most ethical services. and that includes going to a lawyer, therapist, advocate, healthcare professional that cares about them, that has a proven record, has codes of ethics and good practice, puts the survivor first, is clear who they endorse, and don’t just see us as a cash cow. 

YOU deserve the very BEST!

Now of course people have to earn a living, and good professionals have spent years studying and countless pounds to get to the peak of their profession, and indeed  they can be the most amazing supporters, and should be handsomely paid for their fight.. I would also love to see abuse lawyers given far more teeth, they will, after all, be the ones battling  the perpetrators for justice on our behalf.


The minute money starts to change hands in this way, there  is a change in the dynamics and there is an ethical  bias.

People DO need to know where to go to for legal advice, but far better that they are empowered by knowing HOW to find someone with integrity rather than someone who is paying for advertising! 

Also far better to know that the advertising money is not going back in any way into the church’s PR campaign!

We have been grateful to our lawyer friends for their unswerving support, for coming to our gatherings, standing shoulder to shoulder with us, writing helpful generic (free) advice on our website, and we encourage more of you to do so! 

But we won’t pay you and you will NOT pay us!

Shame that these brilliant legals don’t see this,and that it matters who they are seen to align themselves to.

 I hate to think of good professionals being labelled “ambulance chasers” but this voracious scramble for a piece of the “pie” is tantamount to just that!

This diminishes survivors and lawyers alike.

We are in danger of becoming just a bloody commodity!

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