That will NOT do !!

Wonder why people think it is ok to offer a “that will do” approach to clergy abuse?

It is everywhere, and especially as we see the debacle of this “over arching enquiry” in the UK. A cynical “that will do” mentality, to satisfy critics, and then a quick turn around when the Home Secretary realises she hasn’t a clue.

She has a “panel” of course, who they are is unclear, how they were chosen is equally unclear, and in the mean time survivors are left feeling sidelined or exploited.

Some victim groups are equally easily satisfied, as long as they get their “funding” or their kudos, they will settle for very little for those they represent. This is NOT acceptable!

It is simply appalling that having survived the worst betrayal of body and trust we should be relegated relegated to the position of vermine scavenging for our needs to be met by unfeeling, ignorant  or cynical people with their own agendas.


For Survivors of sexual abuse:

NOTHING but the very BEST will do!

The very BEST legal representation, 

The very BEST  therapy, 

The very BEST  choices, 

The very BEST and FULL attention to all of the complexities of their plight.

An all inclusive, open and transparent honest attempt to put things right, 

Anything less is not good enough!

And if we, as survivors, accept this cynical and condescending attitude, we are accepting a second class place in our world and after what we have all endured, it is  simply NOT good enough!

Take your rightful place as the precious irreplaceable unique individual you really are and hold out for the very BEST!

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  1. Robert Harbord-Hamond

    Letter to Theresa May.
    Dear Sue,
    Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Norfolk Police have a 100% dismissal rate of all complaints against the Constabulary, whilst 11% of Police officers in the UK are found guilty of perverting the course of justice, rape, murder and fraud, this creates a breeding ground for corruption.
    See You Tube: John Harbord Hamond Incest, Child Abuse Profiles, Theft, nothing has been done by Norfolk, something has been started by the Met, little has been done to my knowledge by NSPCC.
    Nothing has been done about another related complaint. It has taken 40 years to prosecute my Science teacher who got 12 years for abusing many of my friends, boys ages 6 to 10, most of whom are now helpless addicts. This is unacceptable.
    I agree wholeheartedly with all of your comments to Theresa May. Many myths are lifted in my You Tube documentary. It is imperative that you and the UN are part of this process, for it to be meaningful work.
    Thank you for your encouraging determination. Wishing you every success in 2015.
    The Hon Robert Harbord-Hamond

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