Pope’s UK visit prompts increase sex abuse allegations

Article in the Guardian – 28 July 2011 – Riazat Butt
Original Title: “Pope’s UK visit prompts increase in sex abuse allegations against church”
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Comment from Sue Cox
I don’t know why I am still amazed by the audacity and duplicity of the catholic church. I refer, of course, to the announcement that because of the pope’s visit to England last year, more sexual abuse “victims” of catholic clergy are coming forward to the NCSC.
I am further astonished to hear the myth repeated that “…one of the first things the pope did when he arrived was see victims…”!
It seems that because of the “avuncular” pontiff, victims are assured that they will be taken seriously!
You bet they will, it is very serious for this narcissistic tyrannical regime to squash and quieten as many Survivors as they can!!
This pope is guilty of covering up abuse cases which are crimes against humanity.
Damn right it is serious.

Their sick PR stunts get worse, and more outlandish every time they creep from under their rock to grab the headlines, seing an eye to the main chance as Premier Kenny of Ireland at last showed what leadership is all about!
Let us get this all quite clear!!!

The catholic church does NOTHING to help survivors of their pedophile clergie’s crimes. (unless you count praying with them and washing their feet!) They duck and dive, lie and deflect, blame everyone else, from the pornography that is available everywhere, to the gay community – they do a particularly nice line in “Victim blame”.

They refuse to comply with the laws of ANY country where they are being taken to task, seeing themselves as beyond the law.
(They have their own they tell us).

When they are forced to answer to the law, they use every loophole, every delaying tactic possible which often ends up with the very damaged victim being further abused. They appoint profoundly unskilled and biased people from their own ranks to head their” Child protection” service – like putting Dracula in charge of the blood bank.
They use every occasion to spin their face saving bullshit, and smile as they do it.

IF there is an increase in SURVIVORS of these people coming forward – since the pope’s visit, then it is because there were 20,000 people standing up to be counted, and marching in protest through the streets of London – dedicating that march to the survivors of abuse by the catholic church. It was because ordinary decent British people came out in their thousands to tell survivors LIKE ME that they are with us and they are repulsed!

I was privileged to be the first person to speak at that rally.
I looked out at the sea of warm compassionate faces, and they made me proud, and they made me BRAVE! Brave enough to stand with other survivors from all over the World and scream at these criminals — ENOUGH! Brave enough to be in Rome in October and scream ENOUGH to the Vatican, brave enough to stand with 65 deaf and speech impaired fellow survivors in Verona, who were all systematically abused by catholic priests in their childhood in the institute where they were supposed to be being cared for (one man by 16 priests!) ENOUGH!!!

Brave enough to tell other survivors, come and stand with us and gain your power, do not allow these criminals to abuse you any longer.
It was the Secularists, the Humanists, the Gay rights organisations, the Human Rights fighters, the Women’s rights organisations, Marco Tranchino, Geoffrey Robinson, Peter Tatchell, Richard Dawkins and the honorable BRITISH people that gave me that courage, and if there is an increase in the survivors of these creeps coming forward, then PLEASE put the praise for that where it is due! Not at the perpetrators of these crimes.

We have seen this week Enda Kenny, tell it at last how it is in Ireland, there is a man with real balls ! It is time that other government leaders followed his example, time for David Cameron and the Australian , Canadian, American, Polish, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian leaders to show their balls too. Ratzinger and his heirarchy simply don’t have any.

Sue Cox
Survivors Voice Europe

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